Friday, November 26, 2010


Underpainting continues. Typically, images are underpainted in contrasting colors such as oranges, reds, or greens depending on the final color. These colors are then painted over with opaque colors. The trompe l'oeil panels at the bottom of each quadrant are painted using a direct technique.

Work Starts

Sky painted in opaque colors.
Underpainting in transparent orange.

Gridded off and sketching in the design.

Panels Arrive

The mural is being painted on fiberglass reinforced concrete panels. The panels arrived in May 2010 and were placed in a warehouse on the campus of the University of South Alabama. Each quadrant is made of two panels which are joined together along a central seam. The mural will be painted, the panels separated, installed in the bell tower, and I will touch-up the seam on site. Because of the substrate and the exterior location, I am using Keim mineral paint. It's longevity is estimated at 80 - 100 years with direct exposure.

The Design Drawings

The overall design is divided into quadrants which are divided by architectural elements, and the design of each quadrant deals with a different aspect of the University: Teaching, Research, Service, and Student Life. These are the basic designs, but they continue to evolve until they are painted.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Moulton Bell Tower Mural

Situated on the campus of the University of South Alabama, the Bell Tower was finished in October 2010. By that time, I had been working on the design of the mural for over two years. The mural will be in the vaulted area shown in the upper photo--the part that is currently blue.